Friday, January 8, 2010

Back from the sticks.


Elliott and i are finally home.. YAY!

We've been so outta touch because December was crazy and i had loads of crafting to get out of my system but also because my Mac was ruined over the Shitmas break. I have a brand spanker now and i'm good to go...well for today anyway!

We headed off to Canberra a few days earlier than usual so i could spend some much needed quality time with my oldest and dearest peeps...i wish there was more time, but everybody is so bloody busy in December, even my booking two months in advance didn't work for some.

We spent a few nights at my sister's house which is always great and then headed off to Callalla Beach which is south of Sydney. The weather was hot for the first two days and then it rained and rained and rained...which the family wern't too happy about...but for me who is allergic to the heat and the sun...didn't mind so much at all!

Unfortunately, Elliott caught a cold before we left that got better and then worse, then better, and then worse throughout our entire holiday. The poor little bugger couldn't breathe through his nose at all which is really hard to watch, it's times like those that i kinda wish he were a "normal" kid, so he could just blow his nose or hock up that loogy to make it feel better. It's hard to watch him struggling to breathe so much. Even though i was waiting, waiting, waiting for the big daddy seizure to hit, it never did and thankfully so (obviously) particularly because we were in the bush or on the road which would have been even more terrifying than it already is.

We were sharing a bed which was pretty hard. It meant i had to lay down with him whenever he was due to sleep so he didn't commando off the bed. It was nice in a lot of ways but being woken up numerous times throughout the night for laps up and down the bed was not my idea of a restful holiday. Add in the coughing, snoring, farting and the feet in the face and you have one tired mumma.

To add to that, he cried, a lot...just like last year. I thought maybe he was over all the noise, and the people and that he was just dying to get home for a good old roll around the house without the fear of being trodden on. But no, it turns out he was extremely constipated and clearly very irritable from not breathing too well, and maybe about everything. He's much better now though...although i'm still recovering from my cold.

This coming week will be his first week at childcare. I'm scared but excited but scared, did i mention that already?? We headed off to get his 4 year immunisations and the Dr roped me into getting the Swine Flu vac too...surely it can't hurt ey? Too late now i suppose. I did it to protect Elliott more than anything.

For a few months now he's been able to grab and position his bottle into his mouth but often gets frustrated when the bottle is upside down. Sometimes i think he forgets how to do it, or he just wants me to do it for him, but today he proved to me that he knows exactly what to do... cheeky little bugger! I gave him his bottle and walked away and heard him drop it and let out a little whinge, so as per usual i picked it up (particularly to check that it wasn't blocked from the numerous powdered substances mixed in) and then gave it back to him. After a minute or two he did it again, so i sneakily watched him from the corner of my eye and as he thought i wasn't watching, he rolled over and picked up his bottle and put it straight into his mouth! *sniff* It was a lovely thing to watch. Deep down i know our WHS kids are cheeky buggers but it's just so awesome to see it happening, not only the amazing success and achievement of picking up a bottle but the genius of manipulating me and then checking to see if i'm watching. I'm so very proud right now! It's the little things people!

Saturday has snuck up on me this week, so i guess it's time for a song, a laugh and a dance. I loved this song back in my home-girl days, i still do, i can't help it! Of course back in those days there was no youtube so i had never seen the clip, but now i have and it's truly one to be shared. Enjoy... ladiieeeezzzzzzzzz.

Have a great day. XL

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Kristalee said...

Hey lovely,

I am a bit late in replying here but it is nice to know you are home and not too far away! I hope 2010 is brilliant for you and your sweet littles xxxxxxxxxx